Sunday, August 16, 2015

T Bone Burnett: 'Elton's New Album is a Festival'

Elton John just finished a new record and, according to producer T-Bone Burnett, this one will be a departure from his most recent studio effort, 2013’s The Diving Board.

In a new interview with Billboard, Burnett says the pop-rock legend’s upcoming album is “beautiful,” describing it as “a very upbeat rock ‘n’ roll record.”

The acclaimed producer explains whereas The Diving Board “was a particular group of very personal material, this [new one] is broadcasting. That one was a parlor record; this is a festival.”

In addition to producing The Diving Board and Elton’s forthcoming project, Burnett also was behind the board for The Union, Elton’s 2010 collaborative album with Leon Russell.

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David Keeley said...

Recording and performing more upbeat songs is a wise move - if it happens.
His voice, weakening with age, is more suited to vocals that need not be smooth.
If his recording/performing career is leaning to an end, go out rockin' that keyboard and letting the band jam. that would seal the fantastic musician reputation forever.