Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Elton Visits Vegas Record Store

What would you say if Elton John walked into your record store?

Sunny Rosen, the mom in the mom-and-pop Wax Trax Records store at 2909 S. Decatur Blvd., put her hand to her mouth in amazement and said, “This is so much better than seeing you from the last row in Carnegie Hall in 1971.”

John’s manager had promised the Caesars Palace headliner would show up but the Rosen family didn’t believe it until Captain Fantastic showed up on their doorstep at 3 p.m. Sunday.

John’s people had raved about the store after buying him classic records for his 68th birthday last Wednesday.

The birthday presents were including several Elvis albums, an Elvis EP and a Frank Sinatra album from a recording in a little club in New Jersey.

John had asked to take photos of the place and bring them back. He came in for an hour and purchased about 75 items at the three-story store.

“He loved Elvis and he loved soul,” said Sunny.

“He’s a mensch,” she added. “I asked for a hug, I got a kiss. He couldn’t have nicer.”

The Rosen family started the record store in Brooklyn in 1972 and moved here 16 years ago.

John found the Rosens so, um, colorful, that he was overheard saying, “Somebody should do a reality show on you guys.”

- Review Journal

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