Sunday, July 28, 2013

Elton John to Star & Fight In Action Movie

Director Matthew Vaughn has lined up Sir Michael Caine and Colin Firth for his upcoming adaptation of the comic book series ‘The Secret Service.’ Now he’s looking to bring a third British icon, albeit one with considerably less film experience, into the movie: Sir Elton John.

According to the U.K. tabloid the Sun, Elton John is being considered for a guest shot in a major fight scene. It matters not to Vaughn that John is 66 and isn’t known for his pugilistic ways. The director is looking to cast against type for the many cameos he is putting into the movie.

“He wants to turn the films into a franchise, so getting big names on board will help boost its profile,” an unnamed source said. “Seeing Elton fighting will be movie gold. He’s a great addition.”

- Ultimate Classic Rock

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