Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elton's "Acid Tripping" Piano in Mankato

During the show, a couple of songs sounded rather different than their originals, and not in a good way.

On “Bennie and the Jets” and another song, audio problems created a distortion that Sir Elton hadn’t planned on. He joked about the place being haunted and apologized to the audience for the sound problem. He was heard saying "Hang on, what's going on here. We've been invaded by Mars. What's going on guys, you taking some acid over there?"

Jones said the problem belonged to John’s sound crew, not the civic center. Specifically, there was a pre-amp installed on his acoustic piano that was malfunctioning.

Jones said John’s people were exceedingly easy to work with.

“I was surprised, with an act of this level, at how normal it was,” Jones said. “We’ve had shows with difficult demands, but they were very polite and accommodating to our staff. They should all be as easy as this one.”

And fans seemed more than satisfied with a number of them rushing to the edge of the stage for autographs at the end of the show, which John accommodated before performing an encore.

- Mankato Free Press

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