Friday, April 13, 2012

Elton Dislikes Reality Music Competition Shows

Elton John is not tuning in to see who makes it through each week on “American Idol” or “The Voice.”

At the Rainforest Fund Gala in New York City, the legendary singer tells Showbiz Tonight that he doesn’t watch singing competition reality shows.

“I don’t watch them. I don’t like them very much, but the people who go on them, some of them are very talented,” said John. “What I do fear is what happens to them after they win or when the show’s finished.”

John, who was a guest judge a few years ago on “Idol,” says he worries about the contestants who chose to compete on these shows.

“I have nothing against people going on the show, it’s just I worry about what happens to them afterwards… 'cause the next year there’s another winner, and I can’t even remember who won the first voice thing.”


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