Monday, April 4, 2011

Recap: Elton John on Saturday Night Live

Elton John showed off his comedy skills on US TV show Saturday Night Live with an opening monologue full of baby gags.

The new dad kicked off the show as a camp variety pianist in a skit and then turned stand-up comic to crack jokes about becoming a gay parent with partner David Furnish, his diva reputation and his battle with alcoholism.

Announcing "the bitch is back..." he quipped, "So far the baby really takes after me; he screams and cries when he doesn't get his way, and he's had his ups and downs with the bottle.

"The baby has had some feeding difficulties - he is rejecting the breast. In that way he takes after both of his fathers."

He added, "David and I had our child through a surrogate. Neither of us can become pregnant, though I promise you we tried out hardest."

And Elton then joked about his baby son Zachary's wealth, joking, "We were so thrilled when the baby was born; the doctors told us that we had a healthy baby boy with 10 fingers, 10 toes and $400 million - and that's not counting royalties, which really add up."

To make his point, the pop star sang a line from his hit Your Song and quipped, "That just put him through college."

It was Sir Elton's first time hosting the weekly sketch comedy show; he was a musical guest in 1982.

He wasn't the only star on Saturday night' s show - Tom Hanks also made an appearance as a cheesy sports commentator and as Sir Michael Caine in a skit about the UK's top celebrity knights coming together to plan an attack on a dragon attacking parliament.

The two Sirs were also joined by Sir Richard Branson, Sir Ian McKellen, 'Sir' Bono and Sir Mix-A-Lot, all played by SNL regulars.

Catty Elton poked fun at Bono's trouble-plagued Broadway show when the Irish rocker, played by comic Andy Samberg, suggested, "When artists put their souls together, they can accomplish anything." The pianist deadpanned, "Except a Spider-Man musical," and then sang, "Can you smell a bomb tonight?" and added, "The Lion King, still in theatres!"

Hanks also introduced Elton and Leon Russell, the program's musical guests.

The pop star also starred in a skit in which he met The Queen and Prince Phillip to discuss a performance at the upcoming royal wedding and they tried to bully him into not playing one of his songs.

SNL comics Bill Hader and Fred Armisen played Phillip and The Queen as thuggish Cockneys, insisting they wanted grandson Prince William's nuptials to be a classy affair, joking, "We're not animals. This is a nice affair with fancy jellies... party streamers and blokes wearing aftershave. Come on Elton, you must be the only fruit who doesn't know about weddings... Are you gonna change the words to Candle in The Wind again? Boo hoo!"

Sir Elton played a revamped version of his Candle in The Wind hit at the funeral of William's mother Princess Diana.

The show's host ended up joining the royal couple for a punk tune called Riot in London.

The singer ended his stint on the comedy program by playing a grumpy, gay film critic and a camp cowboy.

The star-studded SNL also featured a cameo by Jake Gyllenhaal.

- The West Australian

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Elton John was on SNL?? this is news to me :D I am now happy that one of my favorite shows and favorite performers were once combined. Thank you!