Monday, February 16, 2009

Jade Goody to Marry at Sir Elton's Mansion

Dying Jade Goody is to marry boyfriend Jack Tweed next weekend - at Sir Elton John's £20million mansion.

The pop superstar offered to host the wedding because he has been so moved by Jade's brave battle against cancer.

Jade plans to sell the rights to cover the ceremony for £3million - which she will stash away for sons Bobby, five, and Freddy, four.

She and Jack will then make a pilgrimage to the healing shrine at Lourdes - because drugs have failed to stop the cancer spreading.

Jade, 27, said: "If no medicines are going to make me better, I'm going to need a miracle."

The Big Brother star was speaking from her hospital bed after an emotional reunion with her boys.

She had not seen them for a fortnight after being taken in for an emergency operation.

But on Friday she told her mum Jackiey: "Get me my children. I want to see them here."

Jade was in tears as she cuddled Bobby and Freddie.

But her last words to them as they left with Jackiey and personal trainer Kevin Adams were: "Make sure you put on your biggest smiles."

Jade and Jack, 21, have often discussed tying the knot.

But they agreed to fix a date urgently after doctors told Jade last week there was nothing more they could do.

Jack formally proposed at London's Royal Marsden Hospital on Friday.

And the couple were said to be "staggered" when Sir Elton, 61, offered put his luxury home - a stone's throw from Windsor Castle - at their disposal.

Jade and Jack, who is on licence from a jail sentence for assault, have told wedding organisers they only want family and their closest friends at the ceremony.

The guest list will include Sir Elton, singer Jamelia, BB presenter Davina McCall and PR guru Max Clifford - and Jackiey will give Jade away.

Jade has made no secret that she wants to marry Jack.

She has been dating him on and off for nearly three years after splitting with TV presenter Jeff Brazier - the father of her sons.

She said recently: "Jack hasn't formally proposed but we've been talking about it for months.

"It's going to happen. I don't know exactly when we'll do it but it will be sooner rather than later because I might not have long."

She added: "I want it to be perfect - but I don't want a big princess wedding. I've got my unique little ceremony worked out in my head.

"I want to get married twice - once here and once in another country. But I'm not saying where."

Jade has told pals she will visit Lourdes soon after marrying Jack.

The town, in south-west France, is credited with dozens of miracle cures since a local woman claimed the Virgin Mary appeared to her in 1858.

It now attracts millions of sick people every year.

A source close to Jade confirmed: "She has set her sights on making the pilgrimage to Lourdes - she's made no secret of the fact she has turned increasingly to religion after finding out she had cancer.

"But the visit to Lourdes all depends on Jade being strong enough to travel.

"She wants to make the journey in the next two weeks." Jade has yet to break the news to Bobby and Freddie that doctors cannot cure her illness.

Before Friday's visit, she had only told them she has "tadpoles"

in her tummy which were making her ill.

But yesterday her spokesman said: "She's going to tell the boys the tadpoles in her tummy have got bigger.

"And in the coming weeks she's going to have to explain to them what's happening to her."

Meanwhile, Jade is determined to put a brave face on her plight.

A source close to her said last night: "She wants the world to know that despite the bleakness of the situation she is still happy - because she has seen her boys.

"All week she had been desperate to see them and on Friday when they arrived it brought light into what had been a dark few days.

"There were lots of hugs and kisses and they enjoyed a snack lunch together. Had it not been for the reality of the situation, it would have been a great family day out.

"They laughed and played together just like old times."

The source added: "The boys don't understand the severity of what's happening to Jade.

"But they'll soon know more tadpoles have arrived in her sick body - and it's not a good thing.

"However, Jade doesn't want people focusing on the doom and gloom.

"So when they boys were leaving she told them, 'Make sure you put on your biggest smiles and show everyone how happy you are.' "That's exactly what they did and they left the hospital grinning from ear to ear. It made Jade feel better."

Jade is now recovering on a normal hospital ward after spendings days in intensive care following her operation.

She has begged staff to be allowed to return to her home to Ongar, Essex, as soon as possible.

But medics say she could be floored by infection if she leaves too soon.

Jade is unlikely to see her sons again for a few days because she is so tired.

But the source said: "Knowing her children are happy and being well looked after is a massive weight off her shoulders."

Last Tuesday doctors told Jade the cancer they diagnosed last year had spread from her cervix to her bowel, liver and groin - despite gruelling courses of chemotherapy which left her bald. PR chief Max Clifford said: "She was informed that tragically, she was terminally ill.

She was obviously devastated."

He said doctors had warned her she has only months to live.

Clifford added: "It's now a question of when - not if."

But he said Jade is intent on putting her life in order as her health gets worse.

She had a series of meetings yesterday with her lawyers as she puts the final touches to her will.

She is drawing up plans to have both her children christened.

And she is determined not to let her terminal illness dominate what's left of her life. Clifford revealed she also wants to keep the killer disease in the headlines - and keep the cash flowing in before she dies.

He said: "Jade has three reasons for doing this.

"One, she wants to make as much money as possible for her children.

"Two, she is doing it because she wants to keep busy - she wants to think of something else other than cancer.

"And three, the number of women in Britain going for smear-tests has increased by 20 per cent since August, when Jade was diagnosed.

"She doesn't want what has happened to her to happen to other people."


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