Monday, June 9, 2008

Will Elton Tour Australia Again in January 2009?

As announced previously, Billy Elliot the Musical will be opening December 30 in Melbourne, Australia. Producers have also begun casting in Auckland and Brisbane. Therefore, it is highly likely that During December 2008 and January 2009, Billy Elliot the Musical will become a focus point for the pacific entertainment region.

For the launch of Billy Elliot in Sydney last year, Elton John announced an enormous solo tour of Australia that included every state of Australia. This tour was not only an enormous success for Elton, it provided an excellent source of marketing for the Billy Elliot musical, and thus making it a musical phenomenon down under.

In order to help promote the extension of the Billy Elliot tour throughout the pacific region, it would seen conceivable and highly possible that Elton John may not only attend the opening of Melbourne's show and meet its new cast, he may even help promote it through a tour of his own.

In order for this to occur, three necessities would need to be satisfied. These are; demand, performer availability and resource availability.

As can be clearly observed by Elton's superstar status and ability to sell out 10 performances in Australia in 2007, Demand for tickets to see the legend perform are at an all time high.

It can be stated that after performing in Australia consecutively for three years, the audience may become tired of a similar repeat show. This however is where an entirely new concept of show must come in to play. In order for Elton to maintain a high attraction of audiences for a fourth consecutive tour, the Red Piano experience must be brought to Australia. A repeat Rocketman Tour will simply not be an as salable tour format.

A Red Piano Australian Tour, would provide Australian audiences with an entirely new way of experiencing Elton's music, in a highly visual way - with cutting edge lighting, props, staging and a giant video wall with videos created by David LaChapelle. This would be an instant hit with Australian audiences.

A quick check of Elton's diary shows that he will be available from December 22nd onwards. So therefore this concept is entirely feasible.

The Red Piano show has allready been announced for a touring season in Europe. Therefore, the necessary resources are available and can be readily toured with. The arenas with Australian capital cities are excellent venues for hosting such concerts and Elton has long established ties with them and Chugg Entertainment, his Australian Tour manager.

As a very eager Elton John fan, I have created this concept with hope that one day it may come to fruition, but in order for this to succeed, I require more support from you - the fans. We need to let Chugg Entertainment know how much we love Elton, and how much we want him to tour our beautiful country again. I strongly believe that this would make an excellent tour. Your comments are greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I am an Elton fan from England but will be in Sydney Australia visiting my daughter next January February and March as she is also an Elton fan and we have seen him in England would love to be able to go with her again but in Australia ... saw Billy Elliott in Sydney ... brilliant

i <3 elton said...

i've grown up with eltons music and would be the happiest person alive to know that he'd be coming to melbourne... he is my favourite singer ever!!