Thursday, June 5, 2008

Elton Touring South America January 2009?

According to Argentinian News Agencies, Elton has agreed to perform in Argentina in January 2009. This and the possibility of additional cities is still to be confirmed. It has also ben suggested that James Blunt will tour alongside him.

Elton John and James Blunt: confirmed their visit to Buenos Aires Elton John Both singer-songwriters will arrive at our country in January of 2009 and they will touch together in a stadium to appoint.

Summit meeting of the soft rock sensitive in Buenos Aires: after various months of rumors, was confirmed that Elton John comes to touch to our country in January of 2009, and as "extra" of luxury is brought of support to James Blunt.

The author of "Your song" arrives presenting his last work The captain and the kid, published in 2006. The responsible for that we find us with "You' re beautiful" even in the soup also he arrives with new disk under the arm: All the lost souls, which he is touching at present in a long one tour that carries him for United States, Europe and Asia.

Still he does not know himself where will touch these two successful singer-songwriters. In a first moment was spoken of the stadium of River, although itself was not confirmed.

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