Monday, April 7, 2008

Elton's Music Inspires Gold Medal

Missy wrote a letter to me, explaining how Elton's music has inspired her to win Gold at various gymnastic competitions, please read her fantastic story below.

I started participating in gymnastics at the age of two.

It all started one day while I was in my crib. I attempted to climb out and broke my collarbone. These attempts became a regular occurance in my household, along with climbing out of my height chair. At that point my Mother realized she better do something.

My Mother enrolled me in a little gymnastics class. As time went on, I excelled quickly with different building blocks in the sport of gymnastics. I learned to do a summersault, cartwheel, headstand and so on. When my instructor went to teach me how to do a handstand, I beat him to the punch and performed it on my own.

My instructor advised my Mother that she had an exceptional athlete and that I had a gift for the sport of gymnastics.

As time went on, I learned more and more about different routines, how to fall and how to land properly.

I continued to excel and went on to attend more sophisticated schools with more advanced techniques. It was then I enrolled in a various gymnastic schools in South Jersey.

Let me take a few minutes to share something with you about me. I am both a State and National Gymnast and have competed in the sport of gymnastics ever since I was a toddler. Within the past few years, I have incorporated Elton Johns music into my routines and it has earned me the Gold Medal each time. For the Balance Beam, I am using Tiny Dancer and for the Uneven Bars, Grey Seal. I am so proud to share this with you. I also would like to share that when using Eltons music, I not only get a standing ovation from the audience but from the judges as well.

I would like to thank both Elton and Bernie for inspiring me over the years with their music and lyrics.

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