Thursday, April 10, 2008

Elton & Hillary One Night Only

Thousands have gathered in Midtown, some paying as much $2,300 for a concert and fundraising event for New York's Senator Hillary Clinton.

Singer/songwriter Elton John is performing at Radio City Music Hall where fans of the musician and the Democratic presidential hopeful paid between $125 and $2,300.

Organizers say the event has brought in $2.5 million. Clinton is trying to close a widening fundraising gap between her campaign and that of rival Democrat Barack Obama.

Last month Obama's campaign brought in $40 million, twice the $20 million raised by Clinton's.

The concert is also likely to appeal to younger voters, many of whom have been drawn to Obama.

When asked if they were attending the concert for Clinton or for John, ticket holders had mixed responses.

“I’m here for Hillary – 110 percent, completely,” said one ticket holder. “I like Elton as well. Don’t get me wrong. That’s a nice factor, but I’m a Hillary supporter all the way.”

“Both! I mean, mainly Hillary, but loving that Elton John is there, too," added another.

“Elton John," added a third. "Right now I am probably a McCain supporter, to be honest, probably. I’ll wait to see who the nominees are and really study it before I vote.”

“My wife purchased the tickets, ‘cause she’s a Hillary supporter," added a fourth. "I came to see Elton John.”

Elton John has been a long-time Clinton supporter. Back in 2000 he held another concert fundraiser for her when she first ran for the State Senate.

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