Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Elton Cancels Tonight's Red Piano Show

Sir Elton has unfortunately cancelled tonight's (April 02) Red Piano performance at Caesar's Palace.

No reason has been provided. It may however, be related to his recent Kidney Stone issue.

All other concerts are currently unaffected.

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Anonymous said...

After careful consideration, my husband and I chose to spend our 30th wedding anniversary, at an Elton John show in Las Vegas! We flew thousands of miles and carefully hand picked all of our dinners, hotel, etc. Never in all of our lives have we been so dissapointed. Thousands of dollars later, it is truly being handled in an appaling way. Had I not overheard of the cancellation, in my hotel lobby, we would have shown up and ruined our entire celebration. Not to mention the fact that the refunding of moneys is being handled poorly and VERY much a hassle.People that have been fans for so many years should somehow be compensated in the future, in their 'hometowns', by being able to see a concert, free of charge. What a drag this has been!!!!