Friday, November 23, 2007

Elton's In Australia!

A 'MINI city' will be built at Canungra over the next few days and it is all for one man -- and 10,000 of his fans.

As Sir Elton John prepares for his Australian 'boutique' tour, the venues are getting ready for him.

A convoy of 30 trucks will roll in to the Elysian Fields to set up a stage, dressing room, parking lots, seats and lighting, a mammoth task that will take about 300 people five days to complete.

The dressing room has been customised specifically for Sir Elton with couches, drapes and the flowers he is famous for having around him when he tours.

"We're not going to say the exact details of the flower arrangements but there is a very, very lucky florist on the Gold Coast," said managing director of Chugg Entertainment Matthew Lazarus-Hall.

"Setting up for the concert is like building a mini city though."

As well as having his own private dressing room set up in venues all over Australia, Elton will be flying over in his private jet and basing himself in Sydney, flying in an out of each city for the concerts.

"It's going to be an absolutely fantastic show and it is a unique opportunity to see a huge entertainer outside the confines of an entertainment centre's walls," said Mr Lazarus-Hall.

"The Elysian Fields are a perfect place though and it will be a great concert."

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