Friday, October 26, 2007

Elton Played in Space

ABOARD THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION (AP) - Astronauts at the international space station are getting set for the first of a record-tying five spacewalks.

Astronauts woke up early Friday to an appropriate Elton John tune as Mission Control chose "Rocket Man" to set the tone.

Astronauts Scott Parazynski (PEHR'-uh-zin-skee) and Douglas Wheelock will supervise the unloading of a bus-sized compartment named Harmony from Discovery's payload bay and its attachment to the space station by the station's robot arm.

Harmony, which was made in Italy, will serve as the docking port for the European and Japanese laboratories arriving on subsequent missions.

The two spacewalkers will remove a broken antenna and prepare a space station girder for relocation later in the flight.

Space shuttle Discovery docked with the space station Thursday and NASA says the vehicle appears to be in good shape.

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