Monday, October 15, 2007

Elton 60 DVD Review

This exclusive package is absolutely brilliant. Not only will you have a ball watching Elton simply on fire at his 60th, the amazing extras make this package far superior to other Elton DVD's. You simply must see someone saved my life tonight at the Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre in which elton gives a stunning highly emotional version of the song. And also a touching rare version of We all fall in love sometimes/ Curtains (MSG, 2005) dedicated to Bernie Taupin.

The sound quality of the concert is superb and you will have a blast powering up the home theatre! The HD camerawork is great, so many angles, so many close-ups of Elton's legendary piano work and the detail is extraordinary you can't get any closer, even if you were there on the night. The band was in great spirits for this show and what a set-list!! So many rare gems.

Don't forget to look out for all the VIP's and celebrities throughout the show. Also, the lighting and visuals were incredible, ultra vegas style.

Enjoy!, I did...

P.S: Elton 60 will be released on Blu -Ray, December 4th from Amazon.

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