Saturday, October 13, 2007

Changes On The Way...

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed there have been many changes to the site over the last week. I am in the proccess of updating the site to not only provide all of Elton's global fans with a better looking site, but a more interesting site too!

Over the last week, I have changed:
  • The main banner logo
  • new bookmark widget
  • new countdown to Elton's NZ appearance widget
  • An Amazon feature products gallery
  • A donate to EJAF widget
However, there are more changes in store, including:
  • More product and show reviews
  • New Elton videos
  • More interactive features and audio clips
So stay tuned for more exciting additions, to Elton's unofficial global home. Thankyou to all my new and loyal viewers, your support and comments are greatly appreciated.

Paul Jelicich

EJN Editor

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